The 2023 open water swim season is upon us!

We have had an incredibly warm month of May, which has accelerated the seasonal frechette (the spring runoff), and so the lake is close to “full pool”, and the water temperature is already very comfortable for swimming.  Gyro has already gotten several swimmers training most mornings, and the annual ATLS Open Water swim clinics are starting June 10.
The swim area at Boyce Gyro Park remains one of the safest open-water swim areas anywhere.  Most of it is less than 6 feet deep, there is no noticeable current, there are no weeds or rocks, and the water is actually warmer than the rest of the lake.  The buoys are spaced to be 50 meters apart, so it is easy to gauge your workouts and even do speed drills if you are so inclined.  And parking is totally free until 9 AM every day!
For those living farther south in Kelowna, there is a new open water swim area available to you at Cedar Creek Park.  See the details at  The water is deeper there, but there is less boat traffic.  See you in the lake–soon!

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