Open Water Swimming References: Books & Blogs

Many online sources of information on open water exist. Consider any of the following:

Two books published in 2018 review the essentials of reducing anxiety, improving confidence, and staying alive in open water.  They were written expressly for the many newcomers that register to do Kelowna’s Across The Lake Swim, to maximize their success rate to complete what is now Canada’s largest and longest running open water swim event. See a description of them here, and order either a print or a Kindle version here.

For a self-directed approach to improving your swim stroke, try Swim Smooth, here.

For a variety of resources, including camps, books, videos, check out Total Immersion, here.

And of course, there is endless stuff on You Tube.  For some inspiration, especially on the tolerance to cold water, check out Lewis Pugh swimming a kilometer in nothing more than a speedo at the North Pole, here or his TED Talk, here. Or Wim Hof, the “Iceman”, who swam 50meters under ice, here.

Want to be impressed by dogged determination despite the dangers and the distance? Listen to Diana Nyad discuss her swim from Cuba to Florida, here. Or read about someone attempting to swim both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, learn about Benoit Lecomte, here.

And the list is really endless.  Got a good reference that should be included here?  Contact me.



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